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Collegeville can count on JP Junk Removal. If you have it, we can remove it!

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What Is Full-Service Junk Removal?

Full-service junk removal in Collegeville means that you don’t have to do a thing! Don’t worry about moving that mattress to the curb or dragging that broken dryer down the driveway. All you have to do is call JP Junk Removal for an appointment, show us where your unwanted items are, and then we’ll take it from there!

JP Junk Removal Donates & Recycles

We keep our steps simple for junk removal in Collegeville.

  1. Call JP Junk Removal or Book Now.

  2. Receive an appointment that works best for you.

  3. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote!

  4. Approve our quote and we’ll get right to work!

How To Get An Appointment

You have nothing to lose but your unwanted junk! We strive to offer our clients convenient options for their junk removal needs. We even offer same-day appointments and free, no-obligation quotes! Book Now or call JP Junk Removal at (610) 421-JUNK today!

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What We Remove

The junk removal experts at JP Junk offer appliance removal, furniture removal, and more! While local trash pick-up services tend to your weekly household trash needs, the fact remains that residential trash services cannot take all items. If you find yourself with items that your trash provider will not accept, or if you need more than curbside pick-up, then call JP Junk Removal for FULL-SERVICE junk removal!

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