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We're JP Junk Removal, a family-owned junk removal business serving Montgomery and Chester Counties for years. Our team values memories and understands the significance of your stored items. With over 750 positive reviews, our commitment to respect and care is clear.

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Storage Unit Clean Out Services

Ever opened a storage unit to find a chaotic pile? That's where we come in. JP Junk Removal expertly transforms messy units into neat spaces. We don't just clear out; we organize, recycle, donate, and dispose of items. Our mission is to create a space where you can quickly locate your belongings.

Think of a storage unit as a treasure box. Over the years, it gathers items, some forgotten. Cleaning revives these hidden gems. More than just organization, a clean unit prevents pests and mold, safeguarding your possessions and ensuring they're always ready for you.

What Kind of Storage Units Do We Clean?

Personal storage units  

These units house cherished memories, from childhood toys to special occasion outfits. We treat each item with care, recognizing its sentimental value.

Business storage units  

As businesses evolve, they accumulate items like old files and surplus inventory. We prioritize confidentiality and efficiency, ensuring documents are safe and surplus items are managed responsibly.

Vehicle storage units  

Beyond transportation, vehicles carry memories of adventures. From family cars to summer boats, we maintain these spaces to protect your valuable vehicles from harm.

Specialized units  

Certain items, like wine collections or artworks, need special conditions. We ensure these units provide the perfect environment to safeguard your unique treasures.

How We Clean Your Storage Unit

  1. Check and Give a Price

We'll inspect your storage unit to determine the cleanup cost, much like a friend advising on tidying a room.

  1. Pick a Time  

We value your time. Once you're familiar with our services, let us know your preferred cleanup schedule. It's like arranging a playdate, but for decluttering.

  1. Sort and Organize  

Think of a jumbled toolbox. We'll sort and categorize, ensuring you can easily access items later.

  1. Get Rid of Unwanted Stuff  

We assess what's needed and what's not. Items are recycled, donated, or discarded responsibly, similar to sorting toys.

  1. Clean Up  

Post-sorting, we'll thoroughly clean the unit, ensuring it's ready for future use.

  1. Pack It Up (If You Want)  

Upon request, we'll repack your items neatly, much like storing away a board game after playing.

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