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JP Junk Removal has been helping the Phoenixville area since 2010.

We’re JP Junk Removal, a humble family-run venture nestled in Pennsylvania, rooted in the ethos of eco-friendly waste disposal. Our founder, James Healy, kickstarted this journey with a simple yet impactful vision - a local junk service that stands tall on the principles of responsible waste management. It was more than just clearing spaces; it was about redirecting every item away from landfills, towards a new lease of life.

As we ventured forth, our core values remained intact, even as our services broadened. The transition from a small family endeavor to a community-centric waste solutions provider enriched our essence, anchoring us deeper into sustainable junk handling practices. At the heart of JP Junk Removal is a steadfast recycling and repurposing commitment, encouraging mindful choices in every debris cleanup endeavor. This journey accentuates our belief: every item holds a potential for a second life, resonating our mission in every task we undertake.

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Introduction to JP Junk Removal

Embarking on the JP Junk Removal journey is like embracing a tradition of eco-friendliness. Our mission from the onset was clear: reshaping the local waste management landscape with sustainability at its helm. The narrative of our growth mirrors our steadfast commitment to both the community and the environment.

As a family-owned entity, our bond extends beyond familial ties to the community we serve. Our junk removal methodology transcends the typical, infused with a strong emphasis on recycling, reselling, and donating, all in a bid for a greener tomorrow. Our tale is more than a company's chronicle; it's a blueprint of a vision that placed eco-friendly waste disposal at the forefront, fostering a community rapport grounded in trust, respect, and a shared aspiration for a cleaner, eco-conscious environment.

Why Choose Us?


Dive into our rich tapestry of history, unfolding a narrative of dedication and relentless pursuit of eco-friendly junk removal. Our seasoned journey reflects in the quality of service, rendering us a trusted junk removal team in the community. We've honed our skills over time, always learning and improving. Our experience is a badge of trust, assuring you of our competence and understanding in handling different junk removal needs.


Our promise of quality is echoed by over 750 glowing 5-star reviews across various platforms. Each review is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every project. Our reputation is not just built overnight; it's a reflection of years of hard work and adherence to our waste management philosophy. Every positive feedback propels us to strive for more, to serve you better.

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At the heart of JP Junk Removal is a unique approach towards waste management. We go the extra mile to ensure every item we collect gets a second chance through donation, resale, or genuine recycling, distinguishing us from others who merely dump at transfer stations. This recycling and repurposing commitment isn't a mere tagline; it's our operational ethos. Every item handled, every service rendered, resonates with this commitment to eco-friendliness.

Our Services

Junk Removal Service

Junk Removal

From appliance to furniture removal, we cover a broad spectrum of junk removal services, ensuring a clutter-free space for you. Our team is adept at handling various items, making your junk removal experience hassle-free. With us, it's not just about junk removal; it's about experiencing a service that holds eco-friendly waste disposal at its core.
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Demolition Services


Our demolition services are executed with precision, adhering to safety protocols, making way for your new projects. We understand the intricacies involved in demolition and ensure a seamless process, leaving a clean and safe space post-demolition. Our approach combines efficiency with a staunch adherence to safety standards.
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Hot Tub Removal Service

Hot Tub Removal

Enjoy a hassle-free hot tub removal service that is as thorough as it is eco-friendly. Our team ensures a clean, swift removal, adhering to eco-friendly disposal practices. The ease of our service takes away the dread of the cumbersome task, making hot tub removal a breeze.
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Swing Set Removal Service

Swing Set Removal

We ensure a safe and clean swing set removal, reinstating the charm of your backyard. Our service goes beyond mere removal; we ensure the area is left clean and ready for your next use. We are here to make the process smooth and effortless, aligning with sustainable junk handling practices every step of the way.
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Our Top Service Areas

We predominantly serve the locales of Royersford, Collegeville, Pottstown, Phoenixville, and West Chester, extending our eco-friendly junk removal services to the heart of Pennsylvania. For a full list of areas we service, you can visit our services areas section. 

Service Areas

Why We Stand Out from the Competition

Unlike most of the other junk removal companies, our hallmark is genuine recycling and repurposing commitment. While others may dispose of items directly, we sort through diligently, ensuring reusable or recyclable items get a new life. This approach accentuates our dedication to eco-friendly waste disposal.

Our service isn't just about competition; it's about upholding a waste management philosophy that benefits the community and the planet.

Our Guarantee to You

At JP Junk Removal, our pledge transcends service delivery. Rooted in respect and superior service quality, our core is a steadfast commitment to eco-conscious waste management. Every interaction with us is a stride towards a cleaner environment, showcasing our recycling and repurposing commitment.

We aim not just to be a service provider, but a part of the global solution to waste management. Our guarantee is about clearing your space sustainably, aligning with a shared vision for a better, cleaner community.

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