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Hey there! We're JP Junk Removal. We help people get rid of their old electronics in a way that's safe for the Earth. We really care about our planet, and keeping it healthy is our mission.

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Electronics Recycling

Have you ever wondered what happens to old electronics if they're just thrown away? They can actually cause a lot of pollution. That's why at JP Junk Removal, we work with special recycling centers to make sure that old electronics get taken care of in a way that's good for the Earth.

Join us at our Electronic Recycling Event

Get ready for a thrilling eco-adventure! Circle your calendars for Saturday, 26th August 2023, from 10:00-14:00 EDT. We're transforming Scargill McClurken Insurance at 1111 Ridge Road, Pottstown, PA 19465, into a grand recycling rendezvous. We're teaming up with the dynamic trios of Styer Real Estate, Tidy Tranquility, and Scargill McClurken Insurance for an epic recycling extravaganza! 

So, rally your old phones, tablets, game consoles, and printers. Let's give them a green send-off they deserve. Just remember, for this event, TVs and monitors will have to sit this one out. Brace yourselves for an action-packed day of recycling fun!

Types Of Electronics We at JP Junk Removal Accept

By the way at JP Junk Removal, we take all kinds of electronics. Maybe you have an old smartphone that doesn't work anymore, or a tablet that's so slow you can't use it. Or maybe you have a game console that's just gathering dust. We even take printers that are out of ink or jammed for the last time. Instead of leaving these old electronics in a drawer or closet, let us take them off your hands. We'll make sure they're taken apart and recycled the right way. This helps keep harmful stuff out of the Earth.

Where to Recycle Electronics in Montgomery County PA

We work in a bunch of places in Montgomery County, like Royersford, Collegeville, Pottstown, Phoenixville, and West Chester. We're not like other junk removal places. We're a family-owned business, and we've got over 750 top-notch reviews. And we treat everyone we work with like they're part of the family.

You can email us at jpjunkinfopa@gmail.com or call us at 610-421-5865 from 8AM to 5PM. Let's work together to help the Earth.

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Why Choose JP Junk Removal?

We're different from other junk removal places because we really care about recycling. A lot of those other guys just dump everything they collect, but we make sure to recycle what we can. We think it's super important to protect the Earth, and we're committed to doing that in everything we do.

So, come work with us at JP Junk Removal. We're not just about taking away junk - we're about helping the Earth and making our communities cleaner and better. And don't forget about our upcoming recycling event. Let's recycle for a better future!

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