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At JP Junk Removal, we help make your yard look nice by tearing down and taking away old or unwanted sheds. This makes your yard more enjoyable and might even make your property worth more.

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Shed Demolition Service: How We Do It

We first check out the shed to decide how best to take it down. After that, we use our tools and team to quickly and safely get the job done. Once the shed is gone, we clean up the area so you can use it for something else. We also do our best to recycle and take care of waste in a way that's good for the environment.

Why Professional Shed Demolition Matters

Having pros like us do the job keeps you safe from injuries and saves you time. We know all the rules for getting rid of waste and recycling, so you don't have to worry about it. We also know how to handle things that could be dangerous and how to get rid of different kinds of waste properly.

How Much Does It Cost to Tear Down a Shed?

Usually, tearing down a shed costs between $300 and $2000. Here are some things that can change the cost:

1. Dumping Fees: How much it costs to get rid of the waste.

2. Location: How easy it is to get to the shed and how far it is from the place where we dump the waste.

3. Tools: The tools and machines we use.

4. Team: How many people we need and how long they work.

5. Size of the Shed: Bigger or more complicated sheds can cost more to tear down.

And remember, we'll always tell you how much it will cost before we start, with no surprise fees.

How We Demolish a Shed

Here are the steps we take to professionally demolish a shed:

1. Preparation: We start by making the area around the shed clear.

2. Permits: If we need to, we get permission from your local government.

3. Utilities: We make sure things like electricity or water are turned off for the shed.

4. Safety Gear: Our team wears safety equipment like gloves, safety glasses, hard hats, and tough shoes.

5. Removing Doors and Windows: We take off doors and windows first so they don't break when we're tearing down the shed.

6. Clearing Out the Inside: We take everything out of the shed, including light fixtures and outlets if there are any.

7. Taking Off the Roof: We take the roof off in pieces or all at once, depending on the shed.

8. Knocking Down the Walls: We knock down the walls one at a time, starting at the top and moving down.

9. Taking Out the Floor: We take up any flooring and the subfloor underneath if there is one.

10. Cleanup and Disposal: We pick up all the pieces and get rid of them in the right way, always trying to recycle and leave the area clean and safe.

Shed Cleanouts

A shed full of clutter can be hard to deal with and even dangerous. That's where our shed cleanout service can help.

Shed Cleanout Service: How We Do It

We help you clean up your shed by taking away things you don't want anymore. Our team does all the hard work so you don't have to.

What We Take Out during Shed Cleanouts

We haul away all sorts of things, from old tools to furniture you're not using anymore. We separate out things that can be recycled and make sure the rest is thrown away properly. This is part of our commitment to putting less waste in landfills.

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Why Choose JP Junk Removal?

We're a family-owned business with lots of happy customers (over 750 5-star reviews!). We serve all of Montgomery county, PA, including Royersford, Collegeville, Pottstown, Phoenixville, and West Chester. What makes us special is our commitment to recycling and keeping things out of landfills, which many of our competitors don't do. We treat all our customers with respect and work hard to give you good service every time.

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